' Energy in your hand '
Company Bi-mec has been designing and manufacturing transformers and electromagnetic parts for over 15 years.
From the start the company's underlying policy that distinguishes its production has revolved around "quality", which implies:
  • a reliable, effi cient company consisting of a close-knit professional team;
  • a competitive organisation in which everyone pulls their weight to achieve common goals;
  • the capacity to come up with fl exible technical-operating solutions;
  • the relevant know-how and expertise;
  • before and after-sales service.
"Quality" is a way of being and of interpreting professional skill that is expressed from the detailed and precise design through to the fi nal working stage with controls throughout the production process to ensure that the end result is totally reliable and corresponds to the initial design.
Not by chance is every machine that is manufactured given a permanent individual code in order to guarantee any subsequent reproduction.

Bi-mec transformers are provided with certified insulation system specific for USA and Canada.