' Energy in your hand '
Manufacturing and Services DESIGNING
Relying on skilled personnel, Bi-mec can provide a design and development all-round service by identifying and defining the transformers parameters such as temperature rise, losses, insulation, induced voltage, efficiencies, etc.

The whole manufacturing process is carried out in-house: from automatic winding for small transformers to winding on machine for copper or aluminum flat cable and strip for bigger transformers.
The phases of the core-assembly and of the following soaking and resin finishing are carried out by highly skilled personnel.
Each product by Bi-mec undergoes accurate quality test in compliance with ISO standards.

Bi-mec carries out final testing on all its transformers in compliance with the regulations and standards of its quality certifying companies.
Bi-mec transformers are supplied with an original testing report. On request, we perform final tests for naval application.